Monday, March 26, 2012

brushes n schtuff

don't ask me why you need all of these, but just take em...

65 PS actions
500 watercolor brushes
500 texture brushes
500 space brushes
200 paper brushes
500 splatter brushes
250 stain brushes
24 digital painting tuts

typography design


minor update

Willow Cartoon Concept Art
Hello Tello
Vector Illustration PS tut
Clothing Hacks
The Week news site
Color Lovers
50 PS brushes
Inbox Cleanse
pen/ink/wash ps cheat
Disney's Paul Buyon short
character designs
design and inspiration
100 things to watch for in 2012
vintage tickets
Colosse short
50 iphone apps of 2012
illustration inspiration
Jeff Agala
wet ink typeface
Revolver looped animation
Bunraku short
50 sky and space tuts
Pythagasaurus short
cghub - great for inspiration and concept design
neat installation
GoodBrush art
gouache land
Math! tutorials
DMP tutorial ( good set set at end)
projection mapping
Dylan Cole
Old Parked Cars
Stephan Martiniere
character design blog
FecalFace Design
Feng Zhu
Marek Denko
The Chase short - great camera work
Boooooooooooooom - design site
cool hunting design
charles vollmer
design site -i miss my pencil
design your trust
writing tips
Design and Illustration