Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is here

Uncharted 2 came in the mail today. Got a snail mail (classy) and email from "The Academy" letting me know my film, pork 'n bones was selected into semi finals of the student academy awards. highly doubt it will go an further, but hey, at least I know that their letterhead is cool!! I wonder is they use the same one for the celebrities mailboxes.

I am rolling out version 2 of my previousKeyValue script.... you can read a previous post about the inception and future of this tool.

big addition to the tool is now you can select multiple curves' keys and they will all snap to their respective first selected key's value!! Give it a test drive and let me know how it works in the comments. Haven't made it's counter tool which snaps to the last keyframe selected's value. that'll come in time. for now if you need you can use the single curve at a time script for that( in an earlier post). Oh shew - I left that script at work. Well i'll post it tomorrow so look for it.

Here's an artist's concept art with a little breakdown of her process. I forgot her? name. Do'h! but i do oh so admire her/his/its talent.


no links today. Soddy!

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