Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Snap Previous Keyframe Value V.2

Tool Name: Previous Keyframe Value Snap
Author: M. Tyler Heckman
Date: 04/13/11
Version: 2.0

proc prevKeyValue()
string $animCurves[] = `keyframe -q -name`;
float $selectTimes[];
float $selectValues[] = `keyframe -q -sl -valueChange`;
float $allTimes[];
float $snapValues[];
float $valueHolder[];
int $keyCount[];
int $keyCountSum = 0;

// stores first selected keys value of each curve

for ( $i = 0; $i < `size $animCurves`; $i++ )
$keyCount[$i] = `keyframe -q -sl -keyframeCount $animCurves[$i]`;

if($keyCountSum == 0)
$snapValues[$i] = $selectValues[($keyCount[$i] - $keyCount[$i])];
$keyCountSum = $keyCountSum + $keyCount[$i];
$snapValues[$i] = $selectValues[$keyCountSum];
$keyCountSum = $keyCountSum + $keyCount[$i];

$allTimes = `keyframe -q -timeChange $animCurves[$i]`;
$selectTimes = `keyframe -q -sl -timeChange $animCurves[$i]`;

//snaps all selected keys per curve to their respected first selected key value

for ( $b = 0; $b < `size $allTimes`; $b++ )
for ( $a = 0; $a < `size $selectTimes`; $a++ )
if ( ( $allTimes[$b] == $selectTimes[$a] ))
keyframe -e -index $b -valueChange $snapValues[$i] $animCurves[$i];

keyTangent -inTangentType flat -outTangentType flat -t $selectTimes[$a] $animCurves[$i];


clear $allTimes;
clear $selectTimes;




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