Tuesday, April 5, 2011

busy but not

These days i've been very busy as well as keeping a list of new goals. I've began drafting out my spring and summer weekends which are full through july already. What needs to cahnge is that though i've been busy im not using my "free time" as efficiently as I could. A kick i've been on recently that i reccomend to anyone who works and can listen to music at the same time are audiobooks and podcasts. As much as I love music, there are days and weeks where I feel like listening to someone talk rather than tunes. It's a more efficient use of your time as well. So say goodbye to the excuses "i don't have time to read books" or "i don't enjoy reading" or " i've never read the book *insert classic* but i really should before i'm 30", because audiobooks allow you to multitask like never before ( unless you're a girl, then you were born naturally gifted to multitask) .
It's been maybe 2-3 weeks and i've knocked down 3 books. 3 books i would have never read/reread/remembered. This week though I'm taking a break and am back into my oldies tunes and nico's playlists he provides. god bless half rez.

thinking about what i can add to this blog...any thoughts? what would you like to see more of? I should start throwing up some more art right??


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some free podcast I listen while work:


This American Life podcast