Thursday, February 10, 2011

LastKeyValue Proc

okay slight tweak to the nextKeyValue proceedure i wrote to quicken up your anim pipeline...this script snaps all the keys to the value based off the last keyframe selected as opposed to the first ( the original script). nearly there on making it possible to have more than 1 curve selected and each snapping to their respected values. also working on a script that spline and flat tangents all your keys for your out of stepped, soyou dont have to go in and micromanage right in the begining of animating....

proc lastKeyValue()
string $animCurves[] = `keyframe -q -name`;
float $selectTimes[] = `keyframe -q -sl -timeChange`;
float $selectValues[] = `keyframe -q -sl -valueChange`;
float $selectTimesLast[] = `keyframe -q -lsl -timeChange`;
float $selectValuesLast[] = `keyframe -q -lsl -valueChange`;
float $allTimes[] = `keyframe -q -timeChange $animCurves[0]`;
float $allValues[] = `keyframe -q -valueChange $animCurves[0]`;

// Sets selected keyframe values to the last keyframe value
// in a selection and flattens their tangents.

for ( $i = 0; $i < `size $allTimes`; $i++ )
for ( $a = 0; $a < `size $selectTimes`; $a++ )
if ( ( $allTimes[$i] == $selectTimes[$a] ))
keyframe -e -index $i -valueChange $selectValuesLast[0] $animCurves[0];

keyTangent -inTangentType flat -outTangentType flat -t $selectTimes[$a] $animCurves[0];


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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


more more I'm getting the itch to be drawing and begin the long and arduous process of short creation.

today i scratched it a little with some doodles.

hes a picture to use for inspiration.

in other news i lost another cellphone...


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