Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Post is Good Post

phew haven't updated this in a bit, which is good i guess? It means i've been busy.. or lazy... I need to get into the process of migrating this blog into a personal life/art blog post-graduation rather than a thesis update blog...

anyways we're going to do a bullet style highlights update because that's how we roll around here as you should know...in order from beginning of summer to end of summer... if I can remember that far back.

- went to a cajun food festival
- won judges choice award and outstanding achievement for PnB at SVA
- freelanced at Framestore NY
- became staff at Framestore NY
- loved Toy story 3
- play a lot of intense 4-square
- enjoyed thoroughly Dispicable Me
- fished a lot out at Montauk
- picked up tennis
- signed 1 year lease with ashley
- definitely not on the computer as much as of late
- won Honorable Mention for 2010 Adobe Design Achievement Awards for PnB
- played a bunch of HoMM3
- still need to get my computer fixed
- celebrating ashleys 24th bday by seeing Chelsea Handler in AC
- reunion down at the shore house because the Rocks will be back

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