Sunday, April 18, 2010

Round 1 over

Pork 'N Bones website

ahhhhhh finally time to breath and get back to my sketchbook.

Had the first showing of the senior thesis on friday. I am very impressed with my year's work. Everyone turned out some quality projects. Even the less finalized pieces looked great compared to past years. I hope everyone is proud of themselves and continues to grow and produce more art in the future.

My thesis " Pork 'N Bones" turned out to be a hit based on the audience's laughter and gasps! A bit surprised with myself and fairly unexpected. My intention from the start was not to make something amazing or epic, but just to affect one person out there and make them smile. So the response my film is getting is a bit overwhelming! I am being encouraged to keep working out the kinks though of the piece. Something I actually am struggling to do since I am more than sick of working on it. I am however avoiding the release of it into the wild and the interwebs until I fix the sfx and music.

The most difficult thing to do now is accept the fact that the thesis is supposed to be "done" but all I see are mistakes when I view it. I can see why filmmakers, animators, and actors avoid watching their work when it is "complete".

Now I am off to begin my career as a professional animator and filmmaker.

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