Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Back for round 2 of posting. Alas no thesis updates.... I'm thinking about making a blog specifically for my thesis. so keep a heads up for that. you'll prolly recieve an email when its ready for launch.

Papa Noel gave me a beard for christmas. He made me promise not to shave till thesis output. And thus The League of Extraordinary Thesis Beards was born.

current members:

Tyler Heckman
Zhenting Zhou
Chris Meek
Sashdy Arvelo - newest member

to commemorate the leagues origin I posted pics of how the beard is doing....
Tested out the disintegrating tree technique. Thanks to Meek and Nico for pointing on the UV problem. Had a nice little chat with Svenom today. And my thesis progress got some "good" reception; if that is worth anything other than a false sense of security. Life is good.

Some cartoons I grew up on as a kid. Classic gold!

Venture On!

League of Super Evil!
- channel surfed onto this 3d cartoon one day. it's grown on me ever since. maybe becuse the hero is a psuedo Grim!

SSS tutorial and theory

50 top game developers of 2009

Animation Backgrounds - a personal favorite (shout out to jennings for showing me it awhile ago)

The Area
- a decent site that has me coming back for the tutorials

LuGher 3d
- bunch of shading and lighting resources

Tiny Inventions - I forget why I book marked this to be honest..

best DIY projects of 2009

61 free apps
-( double post?)

BEST ROAD TRIPs GUIDE - drives of a lifetime

13 easy tools to build a free site

Making of NEOsitrin - watch the original clip here

motion builder tutorials

Speaking of Aniamtion :
interviews and podcast like " animation podcast"

Carlos Baena - yall should know

4mm games

another sss tutorial

CG and FX site

lighting tuts GI and FG

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Half Rez said...

i don't know how i feel about you letting members into the League this late in the game. to me, they're half-steppers.
make a deadline. Or can some dummy join a week before output?