Tuesday, August 24, 2010

No Post is Good Post

phew haven't updated this in a bit, which is good i guess? It means i've been busy.. or lazy... I need to get into the process of migrating this blog into a personal life/art blog post-graduation rather than a thesis update blog...

anyways we're going to do a bullet style highlights update because that's how we roll around here as you should know...in order from beginning of summer to end of summer... if I can remember that far back.

- went to a cajun food festival
- won judges choice award and outstanding achievement for PnB at SVA
- freelanced at Framestore NY
- became staff at Framestore NY
- loved Toy story 3
- play a lot of intense 4-square
- enjoyed thoroughly Dispicable Me
- fished a lot out at Montauk
- picked up tennis
- signed 1 year lease with ashley
- definitely not on the computer as much as of late
- won Honorable Mention for 2010 Adobe Design Achievement Awards for PnB
- played a bunch of HoMM3
- still need to get my computer fixed
- celebrating ashleys 24th bday by seeing Chelsea Handler in AC
- reunion down at the shore house because the Rocks will be back

No links. sorry!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Round 1 over

Pork 'N Bones website

ahhhhhh finally time to breath and get back to my sketchbook.

Had the first showing of the senior thesis on friday. I am very impressed with my year's work. Everyone turned out some quality projects. Even the less finalized pieces looked great compared to past years. I hope everyone is proud of themselves and continues to grow and produce more art in the future.

My thesis " Pork 'N Bones" turned out to be a hit based on the audience's laughter and gasps! A bit surprised with myself and fairly unexpected. My intention from the start was not to make something amazing or epic, but just to affect one person out there and make them smile. So the response my film is getting is a bit overwhelming! I am being encouraged to keep working out the kinks though of the piece. Something I actually am struggling to do since I am more than sick of working on it. I am however avoiding the release of it into the wild and the interwebs until I fix the sfx and music.

The most difficult thing to do now is accept the fact that the thesis is supposed to be "done" but all I see are mistakes when I view it. I can see why filmmakers, animators, and actors avoid watching their work when it is "complete".

Now I am off to begin my career as a professional animator and filmmaker.

15 useful guides for any techy
101 mac tips
100 snow leopard tricks
Meinbender CN spots
100 must see Man Movies
NEOGAF's freeware game forum and nyc indie game dev scene
ISO50 - scott hansen music playlists
Cali studios
Rigging Mentor
10 tips for freelancers
french roast
Keith Lango's Life after Pose to Pose tutorial on polishing.... a step I have yet to get to :(
Amb Occ tut
Keith Lango and his Living Line technique - looking forward to attempting this
list of great classical composers
flash fx reel
want to buy a rice cooker from newegg?
Keith Lango - creating good poses , overlapping , balance , moving hold
Sunny - experiments with achieving 2d style within the 3d medium.

Friday, March 19, 2010


2.5 weeks left before thesis is due. crap.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1 Month

haven't posted to this blog in bit.

if you're interested in seeing what progress i've made with my thesis head over to porknbones.blogspot.com - I keep telling myself that i'll finish, but how much edits/clean up is up in the air...disappointingly.

it's the home stretch now. for everyone. just get me out of school finally.

Linky Dinks

13 crazy body mods
Photoshop "best of" tricks
50 best traditional animated films
15 free apps for mac
start watching at 1:20 - i swear they are stoned

Sunday, February 14, 2010


this is a work in progress shot of the new pig gears textures done by Jack Covell.

having major computer problems at home so i'm forced to work at the labs...

correction to the last post - zhenting has not shaved yet so hes still in the league. sweet.

definitely getting a steam account after thesis. big thanks to zhen for letting me use his to play TF2. sooooo good!

Monday, February 8, 2010


living during the night. sleeping during the day.

I've come to report that one of ours has fallen. The 2nd official member of "The League" has succumbed to shaving.

Long live Z.Z. Zhenting Panda Puff Zhou.

Let's see who else will crack under the pressure of facial hair.

great Droopy cartoon!

Chuck Jones: Extremes and Inbetweens

Venture On!

Madame Tutli Pultli - great stop motion film.
Ditry Birdy - John Dilworth
Life is flashing...

yooouuutuuube - alice

Saturday, February 6, 2010


23 shots left to animate by beginning of march.

big thanks to Jack Covel who made me a sweeeet pile of ash and the mecha-pig.

Venture On!

short film involving a grim reaper...
30 free commercial computer games
great site for animation reference even if it already is animated/mo cap
dover boys smear blog
game artist forum
1st cartoon tex avery directed
modeling reference

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Imagination is the only solace for refuge

The lights are off in my apartment. I sit here late at night staring out over Manhattan through the curtain of snow. Thinking that I'm in a future civilization. Peering out at the handfulls of illuminated beacons from other settlements; they glow so faintly that it is just enough to wonder if there are any tauntauns out there. The world has grown desolate.

"The universe watches and tries to play tricks on you... it wants everything to be dust." - J.L.

Newest member to the League of Extraordinary Thesis Beards: Travis Tu.

Current members:
Tyler Heckman
Zhenting Zhou
Chris Meek
Sashdy Arvelo
Travis Tu*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Back for round 2 of posting. Alas no thesis updates.... I'm thinking about making a blog specifically for my thesis. so keep a heads up for that. you'll prolly recieve an email when its ready for launch.

Papa Noel gave me a beard for christmas. He made me promise not to shave till thesis output. And thus The League of Extraordinary Thesis Beards was born.

current members:

Tyler Heckman
Zhenting Zhou
Chris Meek
Sashdy Arvelo - newest member

to commemorate the leagues origin I posted pics of how the beard is doing....
Tested out the disintegrating tree technique. Thanks to Meek and Nico for pointing on the UV problem. Had a nice little chat with Svenom today. And my thesis progress got some "good" reception; if that is worth anything other than a false sense of security. Life is good.

Some cartoons I grew up on as a kid. Classic gold!

Venture On!

League of Super Evil!
- channel surfed onto this 3d cartoon one day. it's grown on me ever since. maybe becuse the hero is a psuedo Grim!

SSS tutorial and theory

50 top game developers of 2009

Animation Backgrounds - a personal favorite (shout out to jennings for showing me it awhile ago)

The Area
- a decent site that has me coming back for the tutorials

LuGher 3d
- bunch of shading and lighting resources

Tiny Inventions - I forget why I book marked this to be honest..

best DIY projects of 2009

61 free apps
-( double post?)

BEST ROAD TRIPs GUIDE - drives of a lifetime

13 easy tools to build a free site

Making of NEOsitrin - watch the original clip here

motion builder tutorials

Speaking of Aniamtion :
interviews and podcast like " animation podcast"

Carlos Baena - yall should know

4mm games

another sss tutorial

CG and FX site

lighting tuts GI and FG

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good to be back

So after much encouragement from my fans ( Jesse and Sven I'm looking at you) I decided to get back into my posting regimen. This post won't have any thesis updates. You'll have to wait for the next one as videos are currently being uploaded.

Only big things yall missed out on are ...

- I am now an uncle.

... thus ends the big things you've missed out on.

but to tide you over heres what you've been missing with the Ballbarians.

and heres all the sweet links I've found during my posting hiatus.

Venture On!

making interlocking gears

10 alternative to itunes

33 type effects in photoshop

22 worthy of addiction flash games

awesome CSS resource

61 amazing free apps

10 torrent search sites

great advice about bettering yourself as an artist, professional, and a person

character design blog

great interview with 6 top directors (Kathryn Bigelow, left, Lee Daniels, Peter Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and Jason Reitman)

5 second project contests

want to learn anything about finance? check investopedia

99 best free games of 2009


AMAZING cartoon - roger rabbit's "Something Cooking"

physical sun and sky tut.. for what its worth

more lighting tutorials

- shout out to jesse for this

tricks to make windows 7 even better

power users guide to video encoding with handbrake

cube craft

LOGO design process tutorial from start to finish

Lots more to come.