Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Ballbarians

before we get started - great little doodle site for sketching!

Hi everyone. So things are getting ridiculously busy with thesis. I forgot to announce that I'm back playing intramural dodgeball. After two great seasons, the Artful Dodgers are no more, for now... Nico and I are now on the Ballbarians. We are about halfway thru the season and doing just great. This time we joined the top division in the league. Shit is serious. check out our team blog!

Heres a quick sketch I did for our team. - after we chose the name we found out what it means on urban dictionary - check it out...
Also went to Cut and Paste last friday with Nico.
This was a world design competition. split into 3 categories 3d, 2d, and motion graphics

contestants were given a theme and they had roughly 20 minutes to create an image representing the theme.

it's been a week so my desktop is effing cluttered with So You Dont Have To links.

have a field day with them:

50 browser games + 50 more

Zbrush clothes tutorial - shout out to david kang for that

sexy little color scheme maker

sweet article on a 1 man feature film

6 apps to help you remember

web design tutorial

double post??? - CG textures

5 new technologies that will change the world

pixar/ luxo parody

cool Left and Right infographic

greast place for cheap cables and the sorts

50 schweet websites

SICK digital matte paintings / photo

Sighhhh... more gobelins

15 most brutal execution methods - really tyler?

Monday, October 12, 2009

All Links, All the Time.

sadly no 'new' thesis work to post.... but my desktop - make that desktops, plural- are getting too full of good links. I scoured the internets to find the best of the best webschtuff .....


Steamboat willie - the first disney *cough* Ub Iwerks *cough* cartoon to be fully synchronized to sound.

turkey in the straw - the original tune played in steamboat willie as well as many other notable shows

stefan Sagmeister - renowned graphic designer speaks about the power of sabbatical

sweet millions spot
- sleeping pig - one of my new favorite commercials

sweet millions spot II- bunnies - how could I only show one?

sammich art!

Time Out's top 50 animated films - and no I don't agree and niether will you. 10/pg

in russia algorithm photoshops you!

95 sites you should consider bookmarking

12 Hi-Res Grunge textures. you want.

35 "mac" browser plugins

10 tips to make your site gain vistors

HI RES wallpapers of every shape and size

Friday, October 2, 2009


not posting as frequently.... but here are some props. Threw on some test lights to try out some different methods on the renders too. - have 3 different ideas for the end render right now.