Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ju Ju Juicy Juice

Ã…little sumin sumin for UP 

also a little easter egg I noticed in Up's logo is the front whiteside of the house is an "up" arrow.


Not much to report on.  Watching the National Spelling Bee. Oriflamme. wtf? Guayabera?

Had a good two nights this week with Meek and Neek. Isagoge? Sophrosyne - duh. Can't believe this girl got "menhir" wrong. 

Between brainstorming with them and some others I think I've finally broken out of the creativity cocoon and am nearing a solid ending for the thesis. Am looking to do another animatic soon. Hoping to get character models up to 95% done.


10 awsome color pickers
trippin' - the actual site can play most youtube videos. fun to play with.

Monday, May 18, 2009

animatic v.3


changed ending.
edited some shots/timing
cut some corners by rehashing shots and not retiming

overall timing is a off but good enough for now.

Soundtrack is completely out of whack, but that'll be fixed when I have a finalized animatic.

we'll see if this holds up.

Honey Bunches of Links

35 online freelance tools
40 free icon sets
pick up line generator

procedural city!

man rules

useless knowledge
Rabbit Holes 3d Holographic art
Meet the Spy - TFC2 - would love to see this turn into a tv or web series

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hot Town Summer in the City

Well we are a few weeks into May and life is just settling down... or is it? spoooooky

Event Horizon:

Living on a "week to week" basis with Ashley. So far it's great and she's the bestest evvvar.

Nico's Un-21-birthdance party

Internshipping at FramestoreMiddle of reworking my thesis animatic - happy that I'm keeping up with thesis production.

The best part of this past week has been the fact that I am able to catch up with all the on demand tv shows!

My friend jordan blit showed me some animation shorts that my pig reminds him of. A bit dissapointed about some of the similarities but oh well. what can you do. It's bound to happen with everything in the world.....right?...RIGHT?!

Still have a big list to make to fully organize my summer beforeI ship off to SE Asia!!

So you don't have to
50 drinking games

Friday, May 8, 2009

Demo Reel Spr. '09 !!!!!

Hey guys here's my demo reel.

Animation_Reel_050509 from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

Dissapointingly I didn't put more pieces in but they are not finalized enough to justify adding it to my reel. You can still view them on Vimeo though!! take stroll through animation lane!

Even though I am foremost an animator here is some lighting and modeling i've done.

Lighting and Model Reel Spring '09 from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

And of course : SO YOU DONT HAVE TO...

awsome 2d fx tutorials

awsome photoshop tutorials

and a smorgasbord of texturing help from CGTalk

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Le Sigh

heres a new bussiness card

I don't even want to get into what my past few days have been other than horrible. Big set back in life. just need to keep swimming.

Here's one of the best characters in any animation. It is the penguin from Wallace and Grommit " The Wrong Trousers". watch it. love it. watch it again.