Monday, October 12, 2009

All Links, All the Time.

sadly no 'new' thesis work to post.... but my desktop - make that desktops, plural- are getting too full of good links. I scoured the internets to find the best of the best webschtuff .....


Steamboat willie - the first disney *cough* Ub Iwerks *cough* cartoon to be fully synchronized to sound.

turkey in the straw - the original tune played in steamboat willie as well as many other notable shows

stefan Sagmeister - renowned graphic designer speaks about the power of sabbatical

sweet millions spot
- sleeping pig - one of my new favorite commercials

sweet millions spot II- bunnies - how could I only show one?

sammich art!

Time Out's top 50 animated films - and no I don't agree and niether will you. 10/pg

in russia algorithm photoshops you!

95 sites you should consider bookmarking

12 Hi-Res Grunge textures. you want.

35 "mac" browser plugins

10 tips to make your site gain vistors

HI RES wallpapers of every shape and size

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