Monday, June 8, 2009

Up, up, and away

Kinda pissed because I thought I was being "original" (is that even possible anymore?) in my thesis giving Grim square blocky hands and what do i find after watching Up??? oh Carl Fredrickson and his cubey hands!! Curse you carl!!

For the people who care, don't care, should care, and shouldn't care here is my 2 cents about Pixar's "Up". I give it a 6/10 - where Cars would be a 3/10 and Nemo would be a 9/10.

of course it definitely needs a 2nd viewing but overall the movie wasn't anything spectacular and I have alot of beef with this movie and story. The one thing I do applaud the film is for not sticking so hollywood with it. They really pushed design, concepts, reality boundaries, and made the hero of the film a 78 yr old man ( have no idea how this made it past the suits, because if there is one thing I learned in "making an animated series" class cartoons are made based off their marketability. And I don't think many children will want a geezer for an action figure or lunch box or bed. Kevin and Dug? sure but not a senior citizen.) For a more detailed opinion of why it was not a favorite movie, be my friend and talk to me in person.

Top Favorite 'Xar movies in order:

1. Finding Nemo
2. Monsters Inc.
3. Toy story + Ratatouille + Incredibles

( yeah that's almost half their movies but what can I say they are all so good)

Been working on a new animatic - pretty happy with the ending idea. It is based off idea #57 of Pig being a machine/robot and you are going to see the storyboard for the big reveal. 

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Half Rez said...

Incredibles! Number one pixar movie of all time. Incredibles!