Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ju Ju Juicy Juice

Ålittle sumin sumin for UP 

also a little easter egg I noticed in Up's logo is the front whiteside of the house is an "up" arrow.


Not much to report on.  Watching the National Spelling Bee. Oriflamme. wtf? Guayabera?

Had a good two nights this week with Meek and Neek. Isagoge? Sophrosyne - duh. Can't believe this girl got "menhir" wrong. 

Between brainstorming with them and some others I think I've finally broken out of the creativity cocoon and am nearing a solid ending for the thesis. Am looking to do another animatic soon. Hoping to get character models up to 95% done.


10 awsome color pickers
trippin' - the actual site can play most youtube videos. fun to play with.

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