Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hot Town Summer in the City

Well we are a few weeks into May and life is just settling down... or is it? spoooooky

Event Horizon:

Living on a "week to week" basis with Ashley. So far it's great and she's the bestest evvvar.

Nico's Un-21-birthdance party

Internshipping at FramestoreMiddle of reworking my thesis animatic - happy that I'm keeping up with thesis production.

The best part of this past week has been the fact that I am able to catch up with all the on demand tv shows!

My friend jordan blit showed me some animation shorts that my pig reminds him of. A bit dissapointed about some of the similarities but oh well. what can you do. It's bound to happen with everything in the world.....right?...RIGHT?!

Still have a big list to make to fully organize my summer beforeI ship off to SE Asia!!

So you don't have to
50 drinking games

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