Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Alpha v.1

Doing a basic rig for Grim to pass this semester. Keeping a list of everything fancy I need to add to the rig this summer.

Need to play with a SSS for Pig- I think he'll really look brilliant with it. Considering adding cheeks to his default model.

Both Grim and Pig will get a Remodel session this summer, along with a Z-brush treatment and texture.

Will also need to model, props, landscape, do some color scripts, and a new make a new previz and animatic/storybaords this summer. Oh boy!

Really happy to see Grim and Pig in their "natural" environment. So far they are looking good in the style of the all white scenery.

p.s. I forgot how much I like rigging and lighting!! JOY!

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