Friday, April 10, 2009

Senior Thesis Show '09

Just got back from seeing all of the senior theses

ugh wasted half my day that i planned for modeling >:o

anyways - it was good to see everyones hardwork paid off in their theses.

everyone should give themselves a pat on the back - actually a kiss- for accomplishing it

of course there were some phenominal ones and other lackluster.

A noticible difference between last year and this year's work:

Last year had a lot more pieces that were either great or just plain bad.

this year most of the pieces were all within a happy medium of success - as well as a broad amount of varying skills in all aspects with a noticeable amount of theses that spread the Love (the work ) around the department.

Congrats to all of you again - i look forward to working with some of you in the future.

Got me excited for "The Pig and The Reaper" - and I hope it has you excited too!

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