Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Last month

April. Last month of "junior" year. Last month before summer. Last month before I work 100% on my thesis.

Heres me and jack acting out some movements for our motion capture class at curious pictures's studio.

you feel invincible in the suit and just want to constantly be moving.

Mo Cappin' at Curious Pictures from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

Heres is my latest most up to date animatic - I redid every drawing

animatic for thesis from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

heres my hw for blit today - still in stepped mode.

Rough Change of thought - adv. Blocking from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

picked up more looney tunes dvds from the school library-Need to get more blank dvds too - you can make of that what you will.

Hell class was cancelled today but didnt find out until i was at class.

Napped from 130 - 5. hadnt gone to bed the night before.

jason Osipia's book " stop staring" is awesome.

Ashley got me "the illusion of life" book for my bday - sooooo good too.

we were supposed to do the 11secondclub for Jordan blit's final but we think they played an april fools and posted a sound byte with no vocals. so I don't know if we are still doing that or not. hopefully they changed the sound clip tomorrow. april 2.

asked jordan for some ideas how to go about animating the "marvin the martian" scurry for Grim - he suggested making an alternate rig that has 4-6 legs.

also posted the question at the forums on - hopefully get some good feedback there.


30 hand drawn web designs

30 redonk photoshop tuts

40 papercraft webdesigns

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