Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boring Text Post

Ah! phew! le sigh!

handed in my thesis dvd for lerer's class. what a relief. haven't started the hw for blit or seth though. In an even deeper hole for Hell class.

general thoughts about The Lerer Thesi - A much better turn out than expected. Only 2 people didn't hand in stuff today. It was nice to see everyone's hard work from last semester through now. See where people made changes and what stories changed. Congrats to Chris Meek with what lerer called "the best overall disc of both classes". Congrats to everyone who pulled off the disc as well! Everyone is coming along well and am excited to work with you all next year! Pro about my thesis presentation was the amount of laughs, smiles, and involvement from the audience: w00t! the con: I butchered my new ending when explaining it to the class. So now everyone is biased to it. Most people say they expect a bond between Grim and Pig and want it to end in a similar style of Grim walking away trying to get rid of the pig and pig keeps following.
So where am I with that?? I'll tell you where. back at the end of last semester. wtf.

I'm actually very proud of how I rigged Grim. There were a few errors but nothing crazy. Could have been A LOT worse what with the cloak, sleeves and what not. Did a little diddy with the neck so that when turned JNT A rot'd 50% JNT B rot'd 2/3's of JNT A and JNT C rot'd 1/3 of JNT A.

Setting up some business meetings with my thesis's unofficial Lead Modeler and Lead Rigger. As much as I wanted to be the sole provider for my thesis ( and based off my Lerer Final Disc is doable) I think it is a smarter move to exchange services, though kept at a minimum :) I will however work in hand with them during the process so as to fully understand the rig and models. Will be drafting up a "production schedule" for us soon. My thanks already goes out to them.


60 textures effects and all the good jazz

some surreal inspiration!

beautifu HDR image of times square

SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT - such a rediculous little program for 600$ >_<

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Chris Meek said...

ahahha yea procrastination is key! YESS we must make that short i think it would be hilarious.. we should just sit down and think of ridiculous ideas and do it!
Thanks for the shout out, but as i recall you also got best character design with your piggy.
Oh and that surreal link is sickkk totally inspiring and beautiful. only 5 more hours till my exam ahhh

stay golden pony boy!