Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Has it honestly been that long since I posted last? sheesh - some people.

Heres a video of some hw for seth's class.

disappointingly i don't have an image from his week's gesture pose contest. now rather than emotions seth is giving us "moments" to act out - this week was a spectator right before his team is about to score.

Once the 5 minutes were up , we walked around the class observing everyones, and as soon as we were sitting back down, I knew he had won it and I told him. He went on to win.

If i'm correct that brings the count to:

Tyler- 1
Nico- 2
Nicole- 2
Deborah- 1

I could tell nico and I had the same idea but he executed the legs and mouth much better than mine expressed. Schweet Stunnah N!

Rough Close Up from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

Dodgeball Life:

The Artful Dodgers lost terribly in their playoff game
The Artful Dodgers season 2 began picking up Stunnah S(ven) and a new girl
The Artful Dodgers lost the first 4 games.
The Artful Dodgers won the next 4 games.
The Artful Dodgers play their "Krazy Hat Game" at 5 pm Saturday March 21st, on 53rd st and 9th ave. All are welcome.
The Artful Dodgers play crazy flip cup at 6 pm. All are welcome.

Personal Life:

I turned 23.
I see Elysse tomorrow.
I went to Florida for a week to visit Teddy.
I booked my big summer trip.
I have a ton of thesis to do.
I quit facebook - i think that was awhile ago though.
I came up with a new play.
Theres a bunch of wii game I want to get.
Ashley bought me the illusion of life!!!!


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