Thursday, March 19, 2009

back to modeling

Now that I rushed to get the animation exercise done for Lerer I can spend time modeling my thesis and redoing storyboards. Because people came in with barely any work on their anim exercise I don't have to worry about fixing it up for a bit and can get back to the bigger more important picture. Thesis.

Still rough models but I reworked the body shape, gave him a bit of an underbelly, changed up the nose a bit, gave him an eyebrow, added some tails, and fixed his legs. What makes me happy is that for the most part I would call it an improvement and that's just magical.

Also with some diggin' I found an AWESOME expression sheet for wallace and gromit who are inspirations for pig. It's pure goodness. Like a Mr. Goodbar. Aw man I loved those wrapped in yellow - the ones with peanuts.

and for the moment you've all been waiting/scrolling for- this post's .....


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