Friday, February 20, 2009 Check it out!

No. I didn't make that.

But it is the best reference I can find for square hands.
I wish I could make better video footage for animation purposes. It's such as hassle recording on my little digital camera. I'll post a video soon of the footage I made for Lerer's chair pull soon.

Lerer Animation Exercise ( plain walk to door, open door, walk approx 5 steps to desk, pull out chair, sit in chair, study ball on desk): Splined up through the door. basic blocked steps to desk. I feel this is my worst walk I've done. I can't quite put my finger on what it wrong. It's something about the legs either they are too wide, or short. I'm happy with the door opening and stepping through. content with it's timing. Though I feel it lacks much character Lerer said don't add much until you do it right the first time.

Seth HW ( animate a character expressing a change between 2 different emotions) : going to thumbnail, block, and hopefully get to splining it all tomorrrow.

Jordan HW 1 ( animate personality into a ball with a tail) : thinking of ideas

Jordan HW 2 ( animate 2 characters interacting with eachother - they must touch) : thinking of ideas


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