Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowing in the City

It's snowing again. I'm procrastinating....again.

I need to keep up the posting though. My days have grown long again. Up till 4 each morning and rise by 9/10.

My school work is taking over already. I already had to stop working out :(

Well anyways just to prove it I did end up getting ashley's scanner. So here's a little pose of Grim for my thesis. Nothing great, but what this drawing did for me was reveal the way a nice little detail to how I am going to design the trees. Take notice of the tree trunk. Yup that's it.

When I get a moment to breathe I'll post up a bunch of overly ambitious animation homework, and the first modeled version of Grim and Pig.

Over halfway done with reading The Watchmen. Great book. Zero action. How can it be a movie. I guess a drama. hah. Also, I can't stand Rorshach's character design. Defaintely not what i envisioned underneath that ink blot face.

I completed Geometry Wars for the Wii - Not 100%'ed probably only 75%'ed but since I've beat all the levels it's moved out of my backlog.

Going to comic con on friday with Nico. Then double dating with him to see Coraline. joy!

As for the blog - I want to add small quick comics to my updates as well as something else that I just forgot. I forget a lot. A lot a lot. You learn to love it. Well actually I think more people hate it. But the sound of a child's laughter makes up for it.




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