Wednesday, February 11, 2009

S.Gollub Gesture Pose Round 2

In my Anim 4 class we have a little competition each week. Seth gives everyone a the same word and we have 5 minutes to create the best pose possible to describe that 1 word. I love this exercise we also do it in J. Blit's class. Last week was the first time we did it in Seth's. I will upload that pose when I locate it. Nico won last week for " waiting " I believe the word was. This week was " depressed ". I won that one. I dont know what it is but gesture poses get my adrenaline pumping and really help hasten your blocking/posing process as well as getting you even more accustomed to the controls/rigs/ etc. I'l update every pose I do from now on in the class. 2 wins and seth drops your lowest hw grade. Till next time!

heres a vimeo link to the MOVIE

Here's my first video upload ( it failed so I made a link ) to the Keyframe Kitchen! This was a homework assignment where we had to block in a baseball pitch! I think it turned out well. A tad slow for now, easy to fix of course. I definately can notice my blocking skills getting better with speed, sillouettes/readability, and poses. When I have time I'll upload more videos.


NO LINKS - Booo0o0o0o0o

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