Wednesday, February 25, 2009

S. Gollub gesture pose Round 4

Oh yes it's past that day of the week where I can upload a gesture pose.

word was grumpy. I don't think my pose for grumpy is that great really. It doesn't speak grumpy....just cranky old man. Nicole Marino won this week. No one's was really exceptional. her char was sitting down with an aarm across the lap i think and arm covering the spot nex tto her so it seemed you couldnt sit down. and the char was stand offish i guess. This was the first pose I am actually 100% dissatisfied with. I def think i could have made it stronger and more impact less old man. Oh well till next tues...

Heres an updated Ball w/ personality >>>>>>

Updated ball w/ personality from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

Heres my blocking for couple interaction hw assignment >>>>

couple interaction blocking poses from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

Heres my expression change assignment ( of course i plan to go in an revise, like every hw, after the fact )>>>>

expression change hw from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

interview with patrick smith > i like to think of him as next gen plympton.

best type of 2009

rediculous paintings/illustrations

33 sex tips

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