Friday, February 13, 2009

S.Gollub Gesture Pose Round 1

This is the first time we did the 5 min pose competition in Seth's class. Stunnah N(ico) won that one.

I think I could have picked a better camera angle for sure - the hands get lost in the sillouette too much.

This was also a 5 min pose for Jordan Blit's Adv. Anim class. The word I picked was rage and Blit guessed it right! So that's a personal win!

Moom is an angry Moom.

He's just hungry.

Coraline was great. go see it. see if you can pick out the few CG parts. I love stop motion for 2 reasons:

1. you can tell the animation is man-made. the movements are fluid yes, but there is still the sense of jitter and unevenness existing.

2. I loveeee love love flowing / pouring liquids in sto-mo


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