Friday, February 6, 2009

Models Version 1.0

Hi everyone - here is a quick look at some REALLY rough models for my thesis.

Pig - still have to finish shaping and smoothing him out. Need to decide on his nostrils and if he should have an indent to separate his brows or not. A little uneasy about how his mouth is going to work. I modeled proper geo where his mouth would be so it can still animate, contort, and express emotion, but there won't be an clear cut mouth/lips. oh got to add his tail too. Sproing

Grim - really need to figure out his nose/ "nose hole". his hands need redoing. I need to model hands but keep them blocky. Chris Meek suggested checking out Clone Wars. I did. The hands though different, still good reference for what I am aiming for. What pisses me off the most is on my computer at home the model looks "fine" but at school the monitors warp the model making it thinner and taller. Bad News Buffalo.

Should be doing hw tonight. Comic Con nyc tomorrow. Hands on conduit, madworld, and more!

Teddys birthday tomorrow. Double date with Nico and Angela fri night. Seeing Chad/Ogilvy peeps sat night. Brunch with ashley, her folks, and my parental units sunday. Dodgeball sunday at 3. team happy hr after.

and look for my impressions from ComicConNYC

So You Dont Have To

15 Logo Design tutorials- Not much to say. Some decent info on logo design.

- an animation site I recently found. havent delved too deep into it. But from a cursory glance I noted some worthwhile nuggets

150 Best Flash games
- you all know how much I love my flash games. I'm a hard person to please though, and most of these please me.

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