Wednesday, February 25, 2009

S. Gollub gesture pose Round 4

Oh yes it's past that day of the week where I can upload a gesture pose.

word was grumpy. I don't think my pose for grumpy is that great really. It doesn't speak grumpy....just cranky old man. Nicole Marino won this week. No one's was really exceptional. her char was sitting down with an aarm across the lap i think and arm covering the spot nex tto her so it seemed you couldnt sit down. and the char was stand offish i guess. This was the first pose I am actually 100% dissatisfied with. I def think i could have made it stronger and more impact less old man. Oh well till next tues...

Heres an updated Ball w/ personality >>>>>>

Updated ball w/ personality from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

Heres my blocking for couple interaction hw assignment >>>>

couple interaction blocking poses from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

Heres my expression change assignment ( of course i plan to go in an revise, like every hw, after the fact )>>>>

expression change hw from Tyler Heckman on Vimeo.

interview with patrick smith > i like to think of him as next gen plympton.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Cat, Mouse, and Soda Popinsky

Hewo you digital nomads.

Here is a garbage picture i made for you to be amused by for 3.8 seconds.

it also acts as my lead in to one of Jordan Blits hws for the week.

Take a ball..... with a tail... add personality to it. Rwaaaaar!

On a personal note - The ArtfulDodgers - my intramural dodgeball team made playoffs.

be happy for us.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Animate Expression Change

For my change of expression animation exercise I decided to write myself a letter so I could record myself reading off it. please take a look at the letter I wrote. Check it out!

No. I didn't make that.

But it is the best reference I can find for square hands.
I wish I could make better video footage for animation purposes. It's such as hassle recording on my little digital camera. I'll post a video soon of the footage I made for Lerer's chair pull soon.

Lerer Animation Exercise ( plain walk to door, open door, walk approx 5 steps to desk, pull out chair, sit in chair, study ball on desk): Splined up through the door. basic blocked steps to desk. I feel this is my worst walk I've done. I can't quite put my finger on what it wrong. It's something about the legs either they are too wide, or short. I'm happy with the door opening and stepping through. content with it's timing. Though I feel it lacks much character Lerer said don't add much until you do it right the first time.

Seth HW ( animate a character expressing a change between 2 different emotions) : going to thumbnail, block, and hopefully get to splining it all tomorrrow.

Jordan HW 1 ( animate personality into a ball with a tail) : thinking of ideas

Jordan HW 2 ( animate 2 characters interacting with eachother - they must touch) : thinking of ideas


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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

S.Gollub Gesture Pose Round 3.

Didja guess the word for this gesture pose? It was a difficult word this week to convey in 5 minutes. No I didn't "win" this week. Neither did Nico. This week we had a new winner. Deborah. yay! I did manage 2nd place. the camera angle again is what did me in. To be honest though, I don't think this is that strong of a "confident" pose - nor do I think Deborah's was or anyone elses' in the class for that matter. You really could tell that this was a hard week because there were significantly less poses that even were close to somewhat conveying the word than for the past 2 weeks.! sleep! class! work!



Sunday, February 15, 2009

Line of Action!

Now I know this isn't the line of action all you animators had in mind - but a new technique I'm developing ( it's in the prototype stage right now) is drawing a line across my midsection from hip bone to hip bone. It allows me to see the slight angles my hips make when I move in the mirror.

Also note :

the multiple tries it took to get the line across.

it is green sharpie.

the love handles.

I'm getting sick btw. so look for an update about that in the week.

Friday, February 13, 2009

S.Gollub Gesture Pose Round 1

This is the first time we did the 5 min pose competition in Seth's class. Stunnah N(ico) won that one.

I think I could have picked a better camera angle for sure - the hands get lost in the sillouette too much.

This was also a 5 min pose for Jordan Blit's Adv. Anim class. The word I picked was rage and Blit guessed it right! So that's a personal win!

Moom is an angry Moom.

He's just hungry.

Coraline was great. go see it. see if you can pick out the few CG parts. I love stop motion for 2 reasons:

1. you can tell the animation is man-made. the movements are fluid yes, but there is still the sense of jitter and unevenness existing.

2. I loveeee love love flowing / pouring liquids in sto-mo


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

S.Gollub Gesture Pose Round 2

In my Anim 4 class we have a little competition each week. Seth gives everyone a the same word and we have 5 minutes to create the best pose possible to describe that 1 word. I love this exercise we also do it in J. Blit's class. Last week was the first time we did it in Seth's. I will upload that pose when I locate it. Nico won last week for " waiting " I believe the word was. This week was " depressed ". I won that one. I dont know what it is but gesture poses get my adrenaline pumping and really help hasten your blocking/posing process as well as getting you even more accustomed to the controls/rigs/ etc. I'l update every pose I do from now on in the class. 2 wins and seth drops your lowest hw grade. Till next time!

heres a vimeo link to the MOVIE

Here's my first video upload ( it failed so I made a link ) to the Keyframe Kitchen! This was a homework assignment where we had to block in a baseball pitch! I think it turned out well. A tad slow for now, easy to fix of course. I definately can notice my blocking skills getting better with speed, sillouettes/readability, and poses. When I have time I'll upload more videos.


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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quick Little'un

This is a rapid fire post. A lot of info in very little time and clarity.

ComicCon Nyc '09 was fun

Madworld - great. Conduit - letdown. House of the Dead: overkill - redeemed. Overlord - on track. Booth babes - yay.

Dodgeball, artful dodgers - 8th. crucial 4 wins needed. god help us all.

season 2 with artful dodgers. Ashley - Seth maybe.

too social. lost time. less this weekend. Rub and coraline on weds. 3 animations due for next week already + hell hw.

blocking Blits. im guessing up till 5-6 am.


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Friday, February 6, 2009

Models Version 1.0

Hi everyone - here is a quick look at some REALLY rough models for my thesis.

Pig - still have to finish shaping and smoothing him out. Need to decide on his nostrils and if he should have an indent to separate his brows or not. A little uneasy about how his mouth is going to work. I modeled proper geo where his mouth would be so it can still animate, contort, and express emotion, but there won't be an clear cut mouth/lips. oh got to add his tail too. Sproing

Grim - really need to figure out his nose/ "nose hole". his hands need redoing. I need to model hands but keep them blocky. Chris Meek suggested checking out Clone Wars. I did. The hands though different, still good reference for what I am aiming for. What pisses me off the most is on my computer at home the model looks "fine" but at school the monitors warp the model making it thinner and taller. Bad News Buffalo.

Should be doing hw tonight. Comic Con nyc tomorrow. Hands on conduit, madworld, and more!

Teddys birthday tomorrow. Double date with Nico and Angela fri night. Seeing Chad/Ogilvy peeps sat night. Brunch with ashley, her folks, and my parental units sunday. Dodgeball sunday at 3. team happy hr after.

and look for my impressions from ComicConNYC

So You Dont Have To

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- an animation site I recently found. havent delved too deep into it. But from a cursory glance I noted some worthwhile nuggets

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- you all know how much I love my flash games. I'm a hard person to please though, and most of these please me.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snowing in the City

It's snowing again. I'm procrastinating....again.

I need to keep up the posting though. My days have grown long again. Up till 4 each morning and rise by 9/10.

My school work is taking over already. I already had to stop working out :(

Well anyways just to prove it I did end up getting ashley's scanner. So here's a little pose of Grim for my thesis. Nothing great, but what this drawing did for me was reveal the way a nice little detail to how I am going to design the trees. Take notice of the tree trunk. Yup that's it.

When I get a moment to breathe I'll post up a bunch of overly ambitious animation homework, and the first modeled version of Grim and Pig.

Over halfway done with reading The Watchmen. Great book. Zero action. How can it be a movie. I guess a drama. hah. Also, I can't stand Rorshach's character design. Defaintely not what i envisioned underneath that ink blot face.

I completed Geometry Wars for the Wii - Not 100%'ed probably only 75%'ed but since I've beat all the levels it's moved out of my backlog.

Going to comic con on friday with Nico. Then double dating with him to see Coraline. joy!

As for the blog - I want to add small quick comics to my updates as well as something else that I just forgot. I forget a lot. A lot a lot. You learn to love it. Well actually I think more people hate it. But the sound of a child's laughter makes up for it.




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