Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Noes it Snoes

Haven't had a minute to breath the past month let alone post due to finals and wrapping things up for Christmas... ahem...."The Holidays" to be politically correct. Here are 4 shots from my thesis story board. I'll be posting the animatic in a bit. Everything is rough right now. I plan to redraw my boards when story, chars, and shots are 100% finalized. Not much else to show right now. I'm trying to fix up my laptop. Will get around to posting some 3d models I did for my modeling class as well as some sketches. Disappointingly I don't have as much as I would have liked to show for my finals. 

So You Don't Have To:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Sense of Depletion

I'm spent. Here are a few character designs for my Animated Series Final, " Village Bigfoot".

Emma is on the left, Hogan is in the middle, and Sonny is on the right. He's Hogan's cousin. A yeti.

Just need to bind the the pitchbook at kinkos and turn it in on weds. Also for weds, I need to re-output my thesis research dvd. props 8 to Stunnah Nico for connecting the endjumps on dvd version 1.Too bad I messed up while exporting the sound. The animatic would have had a bigger punch with the music on for the first viewing to the class. What surprised me was the amount of laughs I got without any sound or fx. So that gave me a little reignition to press on. Tues I turn in my Chubby Character + Rig. Just need to try round 4 of doing a few corrective blend shapes.

ENjoi - jigga wha!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Final days

Here's an early shot of a character from my Animated Series "Village Bigfoot". OM NOM NOM! I do have her as neat and tidy vector art but I need to stop putting high res images up here or get a watermark.