Thursday, November 20, 2008

Headache from texturing.

Not much to post today -

worked all day. my brain is mush from trying to texture. I think I've discovered my least favorite thing to do in the industry. Good thing I can only get better at it.

took a small break and played the wii. a mouse came out while I was playing and crawled into my roommates graham cracker box. He ate for a bit while I tried to move super quietly and pick the box up and trash it. This mouse is the devil. He's un-catch able and been a nuisance since Masala Bollywood undergone construction. Of course Ashley had to call as I'm reaching for the box and the mouse scurried out.

So You Don't Have To:

heres some good lighting effects you can achieve in Pirateshop, I mean Photoshop.


Ashley Martin said...

of course i had to call it was mucho importante!

Gears said...

you have done a great service with those lighting effects kind sir...

tis a shame i am in the 16th century and haven't experience much with photography or this photo....shoppe you speak of