Saturday, November 15, 2008

Glaring through my hangover

I've had my days and nights planned out as to when I would be doing my Modeling and Anim hw, and when I get a curve ball and email questions to teachers my whole production screeches to a halt. Not fun. So i've been trying to keep busy by doing what other work I can gather together.

I scanned in my rough draft of boards that will be used in the animatic for the rough cut of music.

I did my last production art still. I didn't get the depth I wanted in this but it's done and that's what matters.

That is all. :(

Spent my "1 day a week" with ashley and kat and erin. watched the disappointingly lucky UGA beat Auburn . Thank god.

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Elyssa said...

woah cute pigs! I am adding you to my links on my blog! looking good!