Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh Noes it Snoes

Haven't had a minute to breath the past month let alone post due to finals and wrapping things up for Christmas... ahem...."The Holidays" to be politically correct. Here are 4 shots from my thesis story board. I'll be posting the animatic in a bit. Everything is rough right now. I plan to redraw my boards when story, chars, and shots are 100% finalized. Not much else to show right now. I'm trying to fix up my laptop. Will get around to posting some 3d models I did for my modeling class as well as some sketches. Disappointingly I don't have as much as I would have liked to show for my finals. 

So You Don't Have To:

Sunday, December 7, 2008

New Sense of Depletion

I'm spent. Here are a few character designs for my Animated Series Final, " Village Bigfoot".

Emma is on the left, Hogan is in the middle, and Sonny is on the right. He's Hogan's cousin. A yeti.

Just need to bind the the pitchbook at kinkos and turn it in on weds. Also for weds, I need to re-output my thesis research dvd. props 8 to Stunnah Nico for connecting the endjumps on dvd version 1.Too bad I messed up while exporting the sound. The animatic would have had a bigger punch with the music on for the first viewing to the class. What surprised me was the amount of laughs I got without any sound or fx. So that gave me a little reignition to press on. Tues I turn in my Chubby Character + Rig. Just need to try round 4 of doing a few corrective blend shapes.

ENjoi - jigga wha!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Final days

Here's an early shot of a character from my Animated Series "Village Bigfoot". OM NOM NOM! I do have her as neat and tidy vector art but I need to stop putting high res images up here or get a watermark.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Headache from texturing.

Not much to post today -

worked all day. my brain is mush from trying to texture. I think I've discovered my least favorite thing to do in the industry. Good thing I can only get better at it.

took a small break and played the wii. a mouse came out while I was playing and crawled into my roommates graham cracker box. He ate for a bit while I tried to move super quietly and pick the box up and trash it. This mouse is the devil. He's un-catch able and been a nuisance since Masala Bollywood undergone construction. Of course Ashley had to call as I'm reaching for the box and the mouse scurried out.

So You Don't Have To:

heres some good lighting effects you can achieve in Pirateshop, I mean Photoshop.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Geometry in Maya and the Wii

Updated UVS. working on textures and blend shapes.....and geometry wars galaxies.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Glaring through my hangover

I've had my days and nights planned out as to when I would be doing my Modeling and Anim hw, and when I get a curve ball and email questions to teachers my whole production screeches to a halt. Not fun. So i've been trying to keep busy by doing what other work I can gather together.

I scanned in my rough draft of boards that will be used in the animatic for the rough cut of music.

I did my last production art still. I didn't get the depth I wanted in this but it's done and that's what matters.

That is all. :(

Spent my "1 day a week" with ashley and kat and erin. watched the disappointingly lucky UGA beat Auburn . Thank god.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

MOAR production art

Yes there is a lot of to do for thesis preproduction this semester. Want to know how I get it done? I use it as my procrastination for my other work.

And no. Don't remind me about the ink spill on the Grim page.

One more page to ink and I'm MOARRR than set for production art the production book.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Caught the Last Bit of Sun

So as my 'stunnahing' "followers" know I was in a wedding last weekend and thus missed out severely loving my 2nd wifey, Maya. I was unable to do some hw so I made it up for this week. Here is an outdoor scene lit with Maya Software.

There are a few things I'd like to change, for one being the reflective map on the lamp post metal - the img keeps getting repeated a bazillion time, and I have exhausted my troubleshooting stamina. It's more or less done. That's what's good. ENjoy.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Unwrapping a Nintendo Wedding

Small update tonight. I've sat down and reorganized what needs to be done in within the next 5 weeks ( end of Fall Semester) and boy is it a lot. When isn't it a lot though? Unwrapping UVs is hell, though I believe I am getting the hang of it much better now. I posted some prelim UV Maps for a model. There's Three-Dimensional boots, clothing, ak-47, goggles, and a belt among all those 2d pixels. As much as I enjoy modeling I am definately noticing what areas of 3D hold my interest and drive.

A small recap from the Halloween/Wedding weekend.

I sit in front of my computer 24/7, So You Don't Have To, reaching into the depths of the internet to bring you the best links of the day.

The Sega That Once as according to

Real Life Photoshop

Monday, November 3, 2008

Polar Bears know Good Web Design

On Thursday before leaving for the wedding weekend I discovered a photoshop contest. the entries are meant to be crappy - no professional photo manipulation in the whole thread. Here was my rush job for "the day after the 2012 elections". I would have liked to done alot more to it but you know how trains don't wait for you.

I've done the dirty work of finding great links - So You Don't Have To. ENjoy.

15 Key Elements to Making a Good Website

Top 10 Scariest Movies according to

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rigging and a Halloween Wedding

Redid my IKspine, FKspine, BINDarm, IKarm, and FK arm rigs for Chubby. Learned a ton more in the process. Have my IK leg in the rig but is hidden in the pics. Every time I rig I fall in love with it more and more. Really going to see where it takes me. Would love to learn more than the basics of rigging such as the coding and using utility nodes. ( other than the mult/div for the bind arm rig) Feels like I've been asking TOO many questions to people, maybe everyone is edgy this week. Will carry on my g-pa ''monsterness'' for a few days in my batcave.
Looking forward to this weekend. Going to MD to be in a wedding. Congrats Dave Rock! The group is dressing up as Mario Bros. characters for post-rehearsal dinner since it is on Oct. 31. Bought most of the elements to create the costumes tomorrow at short hills. Ashley is princess peach, I'm mario (with an authentic mustache), Teddy is Luigi, Rex is Toad, Leung is Yoshi (hard costume to pull off), and Phil is Wario. Worried that so many days away from maya is going to take a large toll on my homework. Setting my priorities for class/hw/: Anim3, Thesis, Modeling, Lighting+Rendering, Devving the Anim Series. Sorry Lisa.
Texting with Stunnah Sven right now. Pretty cool. Nico didn't text me back. Yeah. I called you out. I still love you Stunnah Nico. So cold and lonely in this cave.
p.s. the worst part about running windows on boot camp is I can't do the Mac-apple-shift-4 to do a screen grab. I need to use Windows On-Screen Keyboard to access the PrintScreen function which btw is terrible and hope they fix it in Windows 7.
P.p.s My newest list for my life is what I should be doing with my spare time. I won't go into it, but yeah. It's nuts.

Monday, October 27, 2008

More Production Art

The pics with the flower are a bit older. They were done prior to a major story revision. And the ink wash is a version I did prior to the one in the previous post with the outlines. I'm not sure which I like more. 

Thesis Production Art

My 2 year thesis project has been in the works since last spring. Concurrently I am whittling away at my storyboards, my final script, and the production art. Here are some samples. ENjoy!

Lighting midterm

This is my bedroom. Surprisingly spacious for the cost and location in nyc.  These two pieces were rendered  with Maya Software. Overall I'm content with the images. There are some compositional elements I would like to change as well as add more to the room, such as add a brick bump to the wall, add a cord to the tablet, throw in a cell phone, wallet, etc. Maybe I will add to the scene if I reuse the model for my final using Mental Ray. ENjoy!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mushroom Men

Now this being my first post no one out there on the inter-web-o-sphere-o-information-globe knows my passion with mushrooms. I would say it runs in the family, but that would make us sound like we are lawn gnome collecting lunatics. No. I'm not obsessed with mushrooms, they are just  fun to give personality to and hunt for the edible ones.

Before I knew of the Mushroom Men video games (see below) coming out, I had done several illustrations of some mushrooms. Too bad my computer and external HDD both crashed - I lost everything. Luckily I had posted these up on FB so I was able to retrieve them. You'll get to know that crashes picnic frequently in my neck of the woods. ENjoy.

This is a new IP coming out for the Wii and DS. I must say as much as I am not into platformers this game has a ton of potential and is looking pretty on Ninty's little white box that could. One of the highlights of this game is the weapon customization. You are able to pick up a ton of found objs. and mix and match them to create different weapons with different abilities and stats. Keep an eye out for it. Definately a a 3rd party title worthy of atleast a rent and a possible craigslist purchase.